When I first wrote this episode I had moment of self doubt and wondered if I had been a bit over indulgent. Was I making more of Rebekah as a confident self assured young woman than the text allowed? But then when I returned to the Biblical account, I realised afresh the space given to the story and the chapter that emerges through it justified my reflection that here is a woman who respected culture and traction and yet still had a voice. Listen, read and see what I mean!

We’re approaching the end of the story but we still have time to introduce a remarkable young woman: Rebecca. Her servant heart, her sense of adventure. Her voice mattered, and that says a lot about her and what she had to say. Listen in and you’ll see what I mean. There is something about Rebecca. www.biblenovels.com


If you still think Biblical characters are intimidating, though hopefully by now you can see their humanity a little more clearly, imagine what it was like to be one of their kids. We pick up the story of Isaac, and the issues of single parenting that the newly widowed Abraham has to grapple with. Do leave your reflections on the bible novels facebook group, and visit www.biblenovels.com Thanks for joining me on this journey!