Colin Piper


Colin and Melissa are passionate about global youth ministry! They serve Converge,, the global youth movement which is part of the World Evangelical Alliance family. One of the reasons for writing Patriarch was to honour some of the heroes of faith across the globe who are selflessly giving themselves to reach and disciple a generation for Christ. You can find out more in the latest news section or the Facebook group.

Patriarch is absolutely free to anyone who can access it, but if you do appreciate it and want to express your appreciation for it, then do consider a donation, however small, to support the work of Colin and Melissa and the Converge family across the globe, particularly as many of the team struggle through the Covid19 crisis. You can find out more on the Donate page

For the record, Colin was born in London and Melissa in Sydney but they’re now adopted Scots. They bought their croft, (farm to all Sassanachs out there!), overlooking the Isles of Skye, Lewis and Harris, as a base from which to travel but also to which to bring Christians, particularly youth ministers, for retreat and refreshment. Colin is a keen birder, a terrible rugby referee and a good but very messy cook.