Patriarch Chapter 3 Part 2

Patriarch Chapter 3 Part 2
I’ve heard first hand of people’s experience of hearing or even seeing God in miraculous ways. Refugees who’ve had visions of Jesus, and just this morning at a celebration of a young girl’s life, a father telling how Jesus had appeared to his terminally ill daughter. There seems to be a rule that you know it’s really Him because the revelation is life changing! 
Abraham’s life seemed to be one revelation after another, although of course they were actually spread out over a lifetime. Each equipped him for what was about to come, and left him richer and with a fuller appreciation and fairer perspective on life. Melissa and I have a simple prayer: Father give us your Spirit of wisdom and revelation that we might know you better. That is the secret to life in all its fulness. It is a road well travelled for thousands of years, a path struck through the undergrowth by Abraham. This podcast tells of one such revelation.

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