May 2020


Around the world in a few minutes

We’re so grateful for your interest in Patriarch and hope you’re enjoying it. We’ll keep recording episodes and uploading them every Monday and Friday. It’s no hardship being locked down here on the Scottish coast. Yesterday over my birthday breakfast, we watched through the lounge window our first Minke Whale of the season breaking through the surf. I happen to believe God loves to pull off stunts like that! 

It’s a different story for many of our team across the globe, which is why we wrote and have now rerecorded Patriarch. We want to build awareness of these sacrificial heroes of faith. If you have time, do give a few minutes of this video a watch. I recorded it for the Oneprayer initiative  and in it  take you on a whistle stop tour of youth ministry across the globe all from our little croft where I record Patriarch. Enjoy



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