As you have probably gathered by now this book has two purposes: to inspire you to read scripture, and to help support some great folk serving God around the world. But let me tell you a bit more about the book itself. It is a novel. It is based upon the story in Genesis 12-25, which I believe is true, and inspired by God. It seeks to walk the road with the Bible characters. It takes the Bible text as its core, but then seeks to develop the characters and themes around this. As such, however well researched the novel may be, apart from the core Biblical text, it can only ever be conjecture.
On the Facebook page, I set out my reasons for writing what I have, and enjoy healthy and hearty discussion with the readers about the story, its characters and what the Lord was and is saying through it. So I hope you won’t just read it and enjoy it, but feed back your questions and thoughts, and then most importantly of all go on to read the Bible with a fresh sense of awe and anticipation

All I would ask of the reader is:

  • Don’t claim more for this novel than I do.
  • Do read it with an open Bible and when you finish it, keep your Bible open!
  • If you found it inspirational, do tell others about it.
  • If you can, do support the missions around the world which this book is blessing

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