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The exciting new way to combine study and ministry.Download audio version below. You can download as many 20 minute chunks as you like when you like. Recorded by Colin personally, you can download 14 hours of audio for free, thanks to our sponsors: ICY USA.

Let’s get as many as possible walking the road of Abraham.


Chapter 1 Audio Book

chapter1 part1 - chapter1 part2 - chapter1 part3chapter1 part4chapter1 part5

Chapter 2 Audio Book

chapter2 part1chapter2 part2 - chapter2 part3chapter2 part4

Chapter 3 Audio Book

chapter3 part1chapter3 part2chapter3 part3chapter3 part4 - chapter3 part5chapter3 part6

Chapter 4 Audio Book

chapter4 part1chapter4 part2chapter4 part3chapter4 part4chapter4 part5chapter4 part6

Chapter 5 Audio Book

chapter5 part1chapter5 part2chapter5 part3chapter5 part4chapter5 part5

Chapter 6 Audio Book

chapter6 part1chapter6 part2chapter6 part3chapter6 part4

Chapter 7 Audio Book

chapter7 part1chapter7 part2chapter7 part3chapter7 part4

Chapter 8 Audio Book

chapter8 part1chapter8 part2chapter8 part3chapter8 part4chapter8 part5

Chapter 9 Audio Book