May 2020

Around the world in a few minutes

We’re so grateful for your interest in Patriarch and hope you’re enjoying it. We’ll keep recording episodes and uploading them every Monday and Friday. It’s no hardship being locked down here on the Scottish coast. Yesterday over my birthday breakfast, we watched through the lounge window our first Minke Whale of the season breaking through the surf. I happen to believe God loves to pull off stunts like that! 

It’s a different story for many of our team across the globe, which is why we wrote and have now rerecorded Patriarch. We want to build awareness of these sacrificial heroes of faith. If you have time, do give a few minutes of this video a watch. I recorded it for the Oneprayer initiative  and in it  take you on a whistle stop tour of youth ministry across the globe all from our little croft where I record Patriarch. Enjoy

April 2020

Greetings From The Croft

This is where Patriarch is recorded, albeit from under a pile of cushions! It’s a small Scottish croft where Melissa and I are privileged to live. The photo was taken last summer at about 11pm and the sun is setting over the islands of Lewis and Harris. The Christian heritage of this region is amazing. The last UK revival happened on the western isles you see from our window, and our house had a Bible cemented into the foundations so it could be built upon the Word of God.

We either travel from here to serve youth workers across the globe, or we video conference them, starting on the Pacific coasts of Asia and Oceania in the morning and wrapping up the day on the coasts of the same ocean but now in the Americas. We hope in time to build a cabin here where those we serve across the globe as well as our friends and supporters can come on their own journey of faith and meet with God. Perhaps a bit like Abraham did those 4000 years ago! Honestly it’s hard not to meet with God here. Deer on the croft, otters on the beach, whales out at sea, and eagles soaring above. We can’t wait to be able to welcome those hungering and thirsting after a revelation of the Father’s love, and share it with you!

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