It’s been an interesting few weeks since returning from our travels. There has been a real shift in people’s perception of what we’re doing globally. On a positive note, this has generated interest from funders and other movements to work together. More negatively there has been some politics, jealousy and insecurities we’ve had to deal with. This week Colin has been invited to London to meet a representative from one of the largest funders of world mission. The timing of this is pretty key. Candidly, our funds run out early next year, and although 35 years of proving God can and does supply gives us a peace, we can’t deny Wednesday is an important day, and we’d appreciate your prayer. Colin has also been asked by the leaders of some of the world’s largest movements to draft a vision and values document of what collaboration between them all could look like. He’s done this, and discusses it with a couple of these leaders on Friday, before a potential gathering in Washington May next year to work it out. Meanwhile back on the croft we prepare for Christmas and are hosting a carols around the piano for the village next week. Community life is the best antidote to global travel, be it lunch with the workers at the lighthouse or sitting in the back of a lorry watching a movie with someone who’s walked the red carpet at the oscars. There are no end to the surprises, though we’re less than excited by the forthcoming Loony Dook. Much love, Colin and Melissa