Colin and Melissa Piper

Colin Piper is a Brit married to an Aussie, Melissa. They are based in London from where they support Christian youth ministry across the globe. Melissa works with One Hope in Europe and Colin is the executive director of the World Evangelical Alliance Youth Commission.

Colin says:“Melissa and I have perhaps the most wonderful and most challenging jobs in the world. We meet the sort of people who love Jesus so much they simply lose themselves in his service. Their sacrifice is at the same time inspirational and challenging. They are the sort of people you would be prepared to die for.”

One of Colin’s main reasons for writing Patriarch was to support these unsung heroes of the cross. The other though is his love for scripture.“I am so very grateful to those who led me to the Lord and discipled me. They taught me to love the Bible and hear the Lord through it. When I first entered full time ministry in the early eighties, one of my leaders challenged me to give five hours a day to prayer and study. I failed. I tried for three, but failed at that too. However I did manage to get into a habit of daily Bible reading, and I will be for ever in the debt of those who inspired me along this road.”

Colin’s love for scripture has led him to memorise much of it over the years including most of Mark’s Gospel and his personal favourite book, Philippians. He believes individual and community Bible Study is becoming a tragic lost art in the twenty-first church.

“I love the release the church is finding in worship today. I have discovered so much of the Lord through it. But I fear we are so much the poorer for the fact that the discipline of personal and group Bible Study has been lost. My prayer is that Patriarch will help people see again just how relevant and powerful scripture is. Essentially the Bible offers an encounter with God by His Spirit!”