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Patriarch is a Christian novel. It is based on the Biblical story of Abraham and is written to bring the Bible alive for you, whether you’ve read many times over or never before. It is available as a free audio or text download or in softback for a donation, which will be be used to support global mission.. (more…)

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As you have probably gathered by now this book has two purposes: to inspire you to read scripture, and to help support some great folk serving God around the world. But let me tell you a bit more about the book itself. It is a novel. It is based upon the story in Genesis 12-25, which I believe is true, and inspired by God. It seeks to walk the road with the Bible characters. (more…)

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Colin beautifully captures the journey of faith, doubt, fear & struggle faced by oh so many of us in a dramatic portrayal of Abram & Sarai’s journey to become Abraham & Sarah – and above it all, he somehow manages to show the moments where the early men & women of faith encounter the most mysteriously gentle, holy and purest of loves, of God’s transforming power & presence.

Dez Futak